Friday, 21 November 2014

HA2 Task 6 - Presentation

Final game character case

I have received some feedback about my character, one person said " Background requires more detail and colour, sky seems fake as does the floor. The detail and colours of the characters is in keeping with the design. The scaling between the front and rear characters has been well and good perspective throughout".  I agree with the points this person has made as I myself believe that some parts of my design were poorly created such as the floor and the sky was bland however my characters were the main focus so they are more detailed.

HA2 Task 7 – Review


I think overall my project could have been better. Throughout my project of digital graphics i have I have been very creative in order the design the digital background and character for lazy eye media.
During the process of creating my digital graphics via adobe illustrator, i needed to research designs, clothes, poses, characters etc to give myself inspiration and ideas to work on. In class I experimented with  photos and poses of what i could possible use in my video game. I also researched into artistic video game styles that were unique and make there games stand out for example "Ghost Recon" this game uses photo Realism to really make the game look realistic and this makes the game stand out much more than the previous games that have been released I posted my research on my blog and this didn't take me too much time because i wasn't that time consuming.
Many games tend to use photo realism, cel shading, exaggeration etc, these styles are used by games like "Borderlands" and they make games look very unique, other examples are like "Halo 2 Anniversary".

Once i completed this research i had the knowledge required to design my own character for my digital graphics. Looking for a character was hard because there was so many to choose from so i decided to use myself and Ghost Recon. I worked of photos of myself and characters and i designed a character based on a combination of me and Ghost Recon. I found backgrounds from the internet and i used them for my project. I created my background with the adobe illustrator software that was provided to me.

Overall i think my work could of gone a lot smoother.
I am confident with my work to officially send it to Lazy eye media and i think they will like it.

HA2 Task 5 – Production





HA2 Task 2 – Detailed Planning

Gant charts

Thursday, 20 November 2014

HA2 Task 4 - Character Profile

Character Profile

James' GHOST'Shepard

A Ex special ops leader and now leader of a mercenary group, responsible for special needs operations around the world, James also known as GHOST is the leader of a four man squad, which is made up of all ex special ops who fought for their country long ago but now only fight for the money. James and his squad were kicked out of the military for disobeying orders from their command which lead them to come together to form a freelance mercenary group. 

Thursday, 13 November 2014

HA2 Task 1 - Project Definition

HA2 Transformation
Client – Lazy Eye Media
·        Recruitment Exercise
o   Project Management
o   Design Process
o   Finding out about you (Likes, Dislikes and Personality)
·        My Skills
o   Software
o   DSLR Camera
o   Adobe Photoshop – Raster
o   Adobe Illustrator – Vector
·        Project Management
o   Personal availability (Commitment)
o   5 Weeks (Including Half Term)
o   Timescale
o   7 Tasks – A Clear Management Process
§  Blog Management

§  Production Log